Five factors to consider when designing your coffee cups

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Despite the dominance of digital media at this stage, print-based product advertising is still effective, especially with custom branded coffee cups. More and more small and medium sized coffee shop owners are realising that a custom disposable coffee cups with their own brand identity is the perfect tool for their business. A small cup can help your brand grow by showing off your creativity to your community. According to researchers at Temple University, “Print advertising is more memorable, is more likely to elicit strong emotional responses from consumers and helps customers better recall your product. Additional research has found that high-quality, custom-branded disposable coffee cups increase customer loyalty and brand awareness by up to 33%. For small and medium-sized businesses, this 33% can have a huge impact.

Custom disposable coffee cups have many positive benefits for your business. Our team at Umax Eco would like to share the five factors that you must consider before ordering your custom coffee cups.

Design capabilities

Some people are artists, some people aren’t! Your custom coffee cups will need someone to take your idea and turn it into a digital format for the printers to use. You need to decide if this is something you can do yourself or if this job needs to be delegated.

Umax Eco has a foundation in all types of packaging design and offers a one-to-one professional design service to ensure that you get the product you want. We are able to take your idea at whatever stage it is at and turn it into a professional custom disposable coffee cup

Printing capability

Exceptional bespoke designs also need to be complemented by high resolution, full body printing to greatly amplify the brand message. Be wary of suppliers that are not able to disclose their printing methods or examples of previous print jobs.  Umax Eco customised disposable coffee cups are available in a choice of matt or glossy finishes. Matte finishes give the cups a natural, soft look, while glossy finishes give the cups a shiny and crisp appearance, ideal for cups with multi-coloured designs.

Minimum Order quantity (MOQ)

The minimum order size has always been an unwritten rule in the customised coffee cup industry, and is the reason why most small and medium sized shop owners are discouraged. Most suppliers will request that customers order 50,000 units of each size of cup, and while the pricing for large volume orders is fairly standard, that large MOQ can greatly affect your cash flow. Umax Eco is committed to providing our customers with the most cost effective customised disposable coffee cups available on the market, with a flexible partnership model and efficient lead times. In many cases we can offer custom orders as small as 10,000, as well as providing competitive pricing for larger orders.

Warehousing services

Large quantities of customised coffee cups will take up a lot of storage space. You as the shop owner need to think about where to store all your new custom disposable coffee cups. Umax Eco is introducing a free storage service for large custom orders. We can deliver the  disposable coffee cups to the customer’s store or stores as needed. This allows you to focus on your business without worrying about making space in the supply closet.

Environmentally friendly materials

Today, people are more inclined to support and choose environmentally conscious brands. Being able to meet these demands can give you an edge in the market. Umax Eco’s customised disposable coffee cups are mainly made from aqueous lining cups which can be easily recycled or composted at home. Using eco-friendly cups can help enhance your brand’s environmental image and in turn help the planet.


Article by Julien

May 8, 2023

Julien is a valuable member of the Umax Eco team, passionate about sustainability and committed to making a positive impact on the environment. With expertise in eco-friendly packaging, Julien works tirelessly to develop innovative solutions that reduce waste and promote a greener future.

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